Duties & Responsibilities

The City Commission is responsible for appointing the City Manager, the City Clerk, and the City Attorney.

By Charter prohibition, the Commission is not involved in the daily administration of city government and may not contact city employees directly. It is the Commission's duty to make policy, and the City Manager's duty to implement the policies set by the City Commission.

Approval Duties
The City Commission is the final authority that grants approval for zoning changes, comprehensive plan amendments, certain types of development, redevelopment, franchises for provision of public services, bid awards, water and sewer rate changes, and changes in tax rate. The Commission usually receives recommendations from the city administration and from citizen advisory boards but is not bound by these recommendations.

Through the annual budget process, the City Commission sets policy by establishing the size of the various operating budgets and the nature of the expenditures. The budget is adopted by ordinance. The City Commission is also responsible for reviewing the audited financial statements of the City on an annual basis.

Mayor Duties
The mayor:
  • Acts as the head of the city government for all ceremonial purposes, by the governor for purposes of military law, for service of process, execution of contracts, deeds and other documents, but shall have no administrative duties;
  • Appoints members of the city commission to serve on other committees and boards including boards composed of members from other governmental jurisdictions
  • Makes appointments, with the advice and consent of the city commission, to the various citizen advisory and regulatory boards, commissions, committees, and authorities
  • Presents an annual state of the city message that informs the public about the city’s current fiscal position, accomplishments in the prior year, work plan for the coming year, and goal for the future
  • Represents the city in all intergovernmental relationships, including but not limited to agreements with other governmental entities or certifications to other governmental entities
  • Serves as the liaison between the municipal government and the community’s citizens, businesses, and civic organizations to collectively achieve projects that neither the city nor one organization could afford to achieve on its own
  • Takes a leadership role in promoting the overall quality of life, appropriate economic development, enhancement of property values, and other areas important to the progress and well-being of the community

Review the functions and powers document (PDF) for more duties of the mayor.