Official Agenda
August 31, 2022
2:30 p.m.
(or shortly after the 2:00 p.m. CRA Meeting)
City Administration Building
Commission Chambers
201 W. Central Avenue
Lake Wales, FL 33853




City Manager Comments


ORDINANCE 2022-31, Adoption of FY2022-23 Millage Rate – 1st Reading & Public Hearing

The Commissioners will consider adopting a millage rate of 6.3626 mills for Fiscal Year 2022-23. The Commissioners will also consider adopting the proposed operating budget.


ORDINANCE 2022-32, Adoption of FY2022-23 Budget – 1st Reading & Public Hearing

The Commissioners will consider adopting a millage rate of 6.3626 mills for Fiscal Year 2022-23. The Commissioners will also consider adopting the proposed operating budget.


ORDINANCE 2022-33, Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan FY2022/23 - FY2026/27 – 1st Reading

The Commissioners will consider adopting the Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan for fiscal years 2022/23 through 2026/27.


RESOLUTION 2022-21 - Final Assessment Resolution for Fire Protection Assessments

The adoption of Resolution 2022-21 established the methodology used to calculate the fire assessment rates. Adoption of Resolution 2022-21 will set the final fire assessment rates. 


RESOLUTION 2022-26 SR 17 Lake Wales History Museum FDOT Stormwater Maintenance Agreement

The maintenance agreement set forth what the City of Lake Wales would be responsible to maintain once the Stormwater infrastructure is installed to handle the flooding at the museum entrance.  


RESOLUTION 2022-27 Water Supply Facilities Work Plan

The Water Supply Facilities Work Plan identifies capital improvements that will be needed to develop, treat, and deliver sufficient water supplies for new and existing development.


Accept the new contract terms and continue utilizing Odyssey Manufacturing Corporation for the Purchase of Sodium Hypochlorite

The City’s Utilities Department made a request for bid for the purchase of sodium hypochlorite in September of 2021, sodium hypochlorite is a necessary chemical to aid in the water and waste water treatment process.  The vendor has requested a Producer Price Index (PPI) increase and staff is requesting that the City Commission approve this increase.


Lift station #15 Submersible pumps and panel replacement.

Staff is recommending the commission approve the expenditure of funds in the amount of $37,000.00 for the replacement purchase of submersible pumps and control panel for Lift Station 15 (LS#15).


Storm water Pipe and Box Repair

The storm pipe under E Johnson Avenue near 3rd Street has been compromised with roots which causes the pipe to clog up and overflow onto the street. While the line is exposed the contractor will take this opportunity to route the new pipe to the existing storm boxes in order to allow proper access for future maintenance.


Water Treatment Plant #3 (WTP#3) Odyssey Chlorine Skid Replacement

The current chlorination system skid at WTP #3 is in need of replacement.


ORDINANCE 2022-24 Annexation – 1st Reading and Public Hearing 17.23 acres of land south of Waverly Road and west of C F Kinney Road

Ordinance 2022-24 proposes the voluntary annexation of approximately 17.23 acres of land south of Waverly Road and west of C F Kinney Road, and contiguous to the incorporated City limits.


Ordinance 2022-37 - Proposed Amendments to Land Development Regulations – Downtown Design Standards – Second Reading and Public Hearing

Staff proposes amendments to Chapter 23 of the Land Development Regulations (LDRs) to establish architectural and building design standards for downtown. 


Ordinance 2022-40 - Chapter 180 Utility Service Area Boundary 2nd Reading and Public Hearing

Staff proposes an amendment to Chapter 21, Utilities, to create the Lake Wales Exclusive Utility System Service Area. 



Crystal Lake Park Tennis Court Resurfacing

The City Commission will consider authorizing resurfacing of the tennis courts in Crystal Lake Park.


Disposal of Surplus Property

Staff is seeking approval to dispose of surplus vehicles and equipment


Board Appointments to Historic District Regulatory Board

Appointments to fill vacancies on the Historic District Regulatory Board





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