Utilities Department

The City of Lake Wales Utilities Department is responsible for the maintenance, operation and capital expansion of the municipally-owned utilities systems.

The Utilities Department is responsible for the production and distribution of drinking water, the collection and treatment of sanitary sewage, and the operation and maintenance of the City's stormwater system.
Lake Wales Water Tower
The Utilities Department is also responsible for the reclaimed water system, which is currently under development and which will include the use of reclaimed water for public access irrigation when completed. While an essential part of utilities operations, billing and customer relations for City water and sewer services are supervised by the finance director.


It is the mission of the Utilities Department to achieve and maintain a facility operation that consistently meets all legal and regulatory requirements, ensures optimal efficiency and cost effectiveness, and achieves the highest level of service to the public consistent with available funding and application of the latest technology through emulation of the best management practices of the private sector while protecting the community's natural resources and environment.

Utilities Director

The Utilities Director, Sarah Kirkland, oversees the daily operation of Utilities (water, wastewater, reclaim and stormwater). The Utilities Director is also responsible for the capital improvement projects for each department and the Utilities budget.


Please view the Utility Rate Study (PDF).