Building the Organization
The Lake Wales Fire Department was organized in December of 1914 with all men in town participating. There were 2 very small stations built to house the fire fighting equipment, which included 2 chemical engines. The men were asked to fire barrages with their 6 shooters if fire broke out in their vicinity during the evening hours in order to alert the volunteers.

City Hall
In 1928, city officials moved into their new City Hall, which included a 2 bay fire station. This facility served the citizens well for the next 72 years. During its use the fire service evolved, communications went from 6 shooters to telephones and sirens to 2-way radios. Engines went from chemical to motorized pumpers to large volume multi-function apparatus.
In August of 2000, we moved to our new fire station which includes the latest 800 megahertz (MHz) communication system, weather and dispatch computers, a fire sprinkler system throughout, and many other health and safety features incorporated in it.