Parks & Recreation

The Parks & Recreation Department is where the fun exists. City staff offer a good blend of passive and active recreation activities geared to enhance the health and well-being of citizens.

Active recreation involves cooperative or team activity including use of sports fields, playgrounds, skate park and boating.

Passive recreation involves activities, such as walking, hiking, bicycling trails, picnicking and nature observation. Our City’s network of trails offers citizens both active and passive recreation activities. 


  • Lake Wales Recreation Center
  • Kirkland Gym 
  • Frasier Field Sports Complex
  • Tourist Center Rental Facility
  • James P. Austin Community Center Rental Facility


  • 6 multiuse trails
  • 7 parks
  • 6 picnic pavilions
  • 8 playgrounds
  • Dog park
  • Boat ramp
  • Pier


  • 13 Baseball/softball fields
  • 6 multiuse fields
  • Indoor basketball court
  • 4 Outdoor basketball courts
  • 7 Tennis courts
  • Beach volleyball court
  • Skate park

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Click here to Join the Lake Wales Family Recreation Center. Let’s get your membership started. 


When may I start using my membership? New members may start using their memberships on November 1, after the YMCA departs the center on October 31. Existing paid members may continue to use the facility. Note: New flooring and new gym equipment will be installed soon. The gym may be closed for a short period of time during renovations.

Will my current membership automatically migrate to the City's membership database? Existing members must start the sign-up process beginning September 12.

After I register, what’s next? Beginning November 1, members will be asked to provide identification and proof of residency. New photos of members will be taken and new membership cards will be available to members upon entry. City staff was not granted permission to access the membership data from the YMCA.

Will the cost of my membership stay the same? Yes. All citizens are welcome to join the Lake Wales Family Recreation Center. Joiner’s fees will be waived for all members beginning September 12 through January 31. There are two membership rates, City residents and non-city residents. The residential address on a City utility bill or electric bill validates city residents. The residential address will be verified on the property appraiser's website to confirm the address is within the city limits. Please alert staff if there is a discrepancy with your current membership rate. Membership rates:

Will my SilverSneakers membership apply to the Lake Wales Family Recreation Center membership? We're working towards continuing the service of the SilverSneakers Program. We’re also exploring adding Active&Fit memberships.

A celebration ceremony and pool party-themed fall festival are scheduled to take place at the Lake Wales Family Recreation Center. Details will be available on the City’s website and social media.


Our website provides information on:


To obtain a copy of the rules and regulations for use of parks and recreation facilities, please contact Shay Irvis at (863) 678-4182 Ext. 239
Lake Wales YMCA Pool Poster

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