Investigations Division

The Investigations Division is comprised of Criminal Investigations, Crime Analysis and Crime Suppression. The Investigations Division is led by a Lieutenant and directly supervised by two Sergeants. Criminal Investigations is primarily responsible for the investigation and follow-up of reported crimes. Criminal investigations responsibilities consist of interviewing suspects, victims, and witnesses; analyzing information for validity, reliability, and accuracy; conducting surveillance, and compiling a comprehensive and factual case file to be presented in court. This division is responsible for auto theft investigations, career criminal monitoring, child abuse and neglect investigations, crime analysis, economic crime investigations, elderly abuse and neglect investigations, identity theft investigations, law enforcement intelligence, major crime investigations, property recovery, sexual offender monitoring, victim advocacy and violent crime investigations. 
The Crime Suppression Unit is responsible for tactical patrol, narcotics enforcement and the investigation of vice related crimes such as gambling and prostitution.

Criminal Investigations Unit
The Criminal Investigations Unit is responsible for 
  • Auto Theft Investigations
  • Career Criminal Monitoring
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Investigations
  • Crime Analysis
  • Crime Prevention
  • Economic Crime Investigations
  • Elderly Abuse and Neglect Investigations
  • Identity Theft Investigations
  • Law Enforcement Intelligence
  • Major Crime Investigations
  • Property Recovery
  • Sexual Offender Monitoring
  • Victim Advocacy