Proclamations are ceremonial documents issued by the City of Lake Wales to honor and celebrate events or increase public awareness of noteworthy causes. 


Proclamations are signed by the Mayor and issued for: 

·  Public Campaigns designed to raise Lake Wales Citizens awareness of issues pertinent to their physical safety and well-being.  

· Unique Acts of Public Service performed by Lake Wales Citizens

·  Acts of heroism performed by Lake Wales Citizens of Civil Servants

·  Special Honors received by or achievements of Lake Wales Citizens

  • Acknowledgement of the history and achievements of different ethnic groups which are a part of the Lake Wales Community

Proclamations recognize a specific day, week or month which raise awareness of issues pertinent to a significant number Lake Wales’ Citizens.

Personal proclamations for individuals or businesses are generally not accepted. 

Proclamations should also align with the City’s Core Values as identified in the City’s Code of Ordinances 2-2 Legislative intent and Statement of policy. The values are listed as follows:

1) Fairness. We shall have compassion, respect and sensitivity for all and shall be impartial and objective when making decisions, always seeking to attain the greatest common good.

(2) Responsiveness. We shall deliver public services in an equitable, efficient and effective manner.

(3) Ethics. We shall be open, responsible and accountable for our decisions and actions.

(4) Professionalism. We shall comport ourselves with dignity in a manner which exceeds the expectations of those we serve, and we shall strive to gain the knowledge which enables us to perform our official duties without the intrusion of personal bias.

(5) Excellence. We shall work together cooperatively and unselfishly while striving for the best results.

(6) Initiative and innovation. We shall plan, anticipate, take reasonable risks and try new approaches with a positive attitude.

(7) Decorum. We may disagree but we shall be respectful of one another, and we shall not engage in personal attacks.

(8) Pride. We shall take pride in our community, ourselves, and the accomplishments attained.

Requests for proclamations may only be submitted by a City of Lake Wales resident or organization. An organization does not have exclusive rights to the day, week, or month for their proclamation. Proclamations are not automatically renewed – requests must be made on an annual basis. 

Multiple requests by an organization in the same calendar year, or requests that are similar to proclamations previously issued, may not be honored. 

How to Submit a Request 

Requests must be made in writing to the City Clerk’s Office– by email, mail, fax or hand- delivery. If you are requesting a proclamation at a specific Commission meeting, you may check the City Commission Calendar and request a date; Every reasonable attempt will be made to accommodate each request for a Proclamation.

Requests should be made at least 30 days in advance of date of desired Proclamation, but no more than six months prior to your preferred date to allow for review and production. Requests must be completed to include this information: 

  • Your contact information 
  • The background info on the event or organization 
  • The draft text to include three or four “whereas” clauses 
  • The day, week, or month to be proclaimed 

Review and Approval 

The City Clerk will review and may edit or rewrite the text provided. Staff will contact you to confirm receipt of your request and to confirm if the proclamation will appear on the Commission’s agenda, under Proclamations, after the Mayor’s approval. 

The Mayor reserves the right to deny any request with or without cause and to make exceptions to these guidelines; if your request is denied, a written notice will be provided. 

Proclamations will not be issued for: 

  • Any matters of political or social controversy, ideological or religious beliefs, or individual convictions. 
  • Anything that may suggest an official county position on a matter under consideration, or a political, religious, or social issue. 
  • Any events or organizations with no direct relationship to City of Lake Wales or its residents. 
  • Campaigns or events contrary to City of Lake Wales policy or to the wellbeing of its residents. 


Proclamations meeting the requirements of this policy will be listed under the Presentations section of the City Commission Agenda. You will be presented with the original proclamation at the meeting. 

Submit Request to: 

City of Lake Wales City Clerk’s Office, 201 W. Central Avenue Lake Wales, FL 33853
Phone: 863-678-4182 ext. 270  Email: 

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