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Apply for a Lake Wales Public Library Card

  1. Note: Residence or property-ownership in Polk County, FL is required to obtain a free Polk County Library Cooperative card with this form. If you do not live or own property in Polk County, please visit your nearest PCLC library to apply for a card.

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  7. A valid photo ID is required to apply for a library card. Please upload a photo or copy of your ID. If your photo ID does not have your current, local address, please upload additional proof of address.

  8. Acceptable forms of photo ID include but are not limited to Driver’s License, Temporary Driver’s License, State ID, passport, Military ID, Student ID.

    Acceptable proofs of address include but are not limited to voter registration card, USPS change of address notice, current bill, rental agreement, vehicle registration. 

  9. By submitting this form, you agree to accept responsibility for replacement costs, repairs, and all fines and fees associated with the person registered on this application.

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